Refinery Ventures Receives CBAA Business Partnership Award

business-partnership-award

The Cincinnati Business Achievement Award, presented by the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business Alumni Council, is the region’s longest-standing event that celebrates business achievement. The CBAA not only honors entrepreneurs and impactful businesses, but also raises funds for scholarships and financial assistance to support undergraduate and graduate students.

Refinery Ventures is proud to receive the CBAA’s Business Partnership Award for 2023.

Supporting Lindner & Local Communities

At Refinery Ventures, we work with startup companies in emerging venture markets, providing the mentorship and support they need to build a successful business.

The Business Partnership Award recognizes a business or organization that supports Lindner and our local communities. We believe that companies benefit from partnering with Lindner to organize co-ops or internship opportunities for the next generation of talent.

“Interns will have questions you may not ask as a veteran of the industry or somebody who is close to your customers,” Refinery Ventures’ Managing Partner, Tim Schigel, says. “Having people in your company with a fresh perspective can be helpful.”

How Refinery Ventures Looks to the Future

Our vision has always been to support our local community and the next generation of entrepreneurs, right here in our own backyard. As a midwest venture capital firm, we’re proud of our roots and our hometown hustle. When we give the next generation of entrepreneurs a platform and the funding they need to bring their vision to life, together, we have the potential to transform small American cities and disrupt the landscape of companies.

The influence of innovative tech startups surpasses the company itself. At Refinery Ventures, we go above and beyond what most venture capital firms provide. Our seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs provide the mentorship and guidance entrepreneurs need to set themselves up for success, build confidence, and become market leaders. By giving back, we’re shaping the future of our cities, communities and, ultimately, our society.

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