Built For a Purpose.

You’ve faced challenges and sharpened your skills for a greater purpose. Helping others execute at their highest potential is our desire.

Impact that Resonates.

Entrepreneurs are change agents imapacting the lives of customers, employees and the world. We are in the business of helping entrepreurs make things happen.

Withstand the Challenges.

In dynamic markets you bend but don't break. You are rooted in purpose and flexible in the face of a changing world. We help entrepreneurs weather the storms of hypergrowth.

No Boundaries.

Curiosity provides you with a limitless source of energy and inspiration. We partner with leaders to challenge what some believe may be impossible.

Work with us.

Thinking big? Our vision is to serve exceptional leaders who have big plans and are prepared for this moment. We focus on early stage technology companies that have shown product market fit and are in the initial stage of scaling.

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Cincinnati, OH 45202