Introduction to Abby Fittes


In this growing world of venture capital, staying relevant and competitive is a full-time job. Refinery Ventures exists to help companies forge ahead, with an integral part of the team, Abby Fittes.


Abby is the Director of Operations at Refinery Ventures. Within her role, Abby manages nearly everything from A to Z effortlessly, being responsible for all daily business activities, as well as the coordination of strategic projects and events.


Abby works closely with Refinery’s extended crew—our esteemed business partners—providing support to our portfolio companies, limited partners, and the rest of the Refinery team. Abby also dons yet another hat while leading Refinery’s marketing and online presence, managing content creation, and directing podcast production for Fast Frontiers.


Before working with Refinery Ventures, Abby was expanding her knowledge and experience while supporting C-level finance executives at GE Aviation in Cincinnati. Prior to that, Abby spent eight years at Ohio State University working in Undergraduate Admissions. This experience had her directly impacting  the next generation of workers via recruiting, event planning , handling finance, and managing external relations. 


Abby received her BS in Nutrition and Business from Ohio State University. And when she is not assisting in the discovery of new frontiers in venture capital, she enjoys being active with her five-year-old daughter and husband, reading fiction, streaming rom-coms, and meeting her daily quota of cold brew, Lacroix, and all things chocolate.