Introducing Fast Frontiers with Tim Schigel


The definition of “frontier” is the “extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.” With his new venture, the Fast Frontiers podcast, Tim Schigel is on a mission to find where and what the next frontiers of innovation are by talking with VCs, entreprenuers, writers and researchers who are at the forefront of this moment of tremendous change and infinite possibilies. Tim believes that the future frontiers will be global and will occur in multiple, and perhaps unexpected, places as technology has removed geographic limitations.

 Tim is perfect for this endeavor, having a wealth of experience with all things venture capital. Founding Refinery Ventures in early 2017, Tim has used this Cincinnati-based venture firm to discover and foster early scale startups across the country with a particular focus on the Midwest region. Now in 2020, Refinery Ventures is on a mission to find and develop the next generation of companies that will change the way we see the world.

 Before launching Refinery Ventures, Tim helped to launch Cintrifuse Fund of Funds in 2013, where he worked to build an impressive portfolio of venture funds, which included such notable names as Atlas Healthcare, Bullpen Capital, Greycroft, Techstars, and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. During these years, Tim also worked tirelessly to aid startups in raising nearly $150M.

 Further revealing his passion for exploring the cutting edge of frontiers, Tim became a pioneer in the advent of social media upon his creation of ShareThis. A now globally recognized share button reaching 500 million people every month, ShareThis broke boundaries and forged ahead fiercely into new digital technology frontiers.

 Tim’s vast array of experiences has given him a unique window into the startup lifecycle, allowing him to become intimate with its every aspect, from entrepreneur to venture investor and fund manager. This venture experience has helped Tim to become keenly focused on fostering founders who are passionate about creating hypergrowth companies by embracing his aim to push past boundaries to new Fast Frontiers.

 This podcast is focused on exploring key ingredients that constitute these Fast Frontiers, which include implications for how we think about talent, technology, culture, education, and government. The question is: what are the motivations, aspirations, and needs that drive future pioneers and their communities?

 Tune in every Tuesday starting September 8th to hear Tim interview guests and discuss the world of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and more.