Andy Winans

Venture Partner

Andy is known for his entrepreneurial approach to building strong organizations that scale rapidly through delivering innovative solutions. His passion for scaling companies began early in the data warehouse and analytic era, when he realized that understanding how to apply differentiated technologies to unsolved business needs resulted in extraordinary value. Finding opportunities for these applications and scaling them because his passion.

Andy was part of the early leadership teams at both MicroStrategy and Netezza, taking them from less than $10M in revenues through IPO to over $300M.  He has held leadership roles with NCR, Tandem (now HP), Nielsen, and Quantisense (sold to Aptos). Most recently, Andy was the CEO of PCMS (now Flooid), where he grew revenue by over 5X. PCMS was named one of the “Top Places to Work” for three consecutive years in Cincinnati.

Andy grew up in Piqua, Ohio and got his start in the family candy business founded by his father. He graduated from Miami University to begin his career in the retail technology market in San Francisco. Today, he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andy Winans

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